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A mix of flavour and passion

I was born into a large family in a small town in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul (South of Brazil), where there was an abundance of food and always being surrounded by people are some of my fondest memories while growing up.

The smell of freshly made coffee and my mum sitting on my bed waking me up handing me a cup, is, still to this day, a tradition for me. The first thing I do when I wake up: coffee.

In 1991 I moved to Portugal on my own, and fell in love with that little country (compared to Brazil), its strong traditions, amazing cuisine, and later on, of course , with a Portuguese man too.

I first started a kitchen business back in 1994, in Portugal, but right after that my first son was born and life got a bit more complicated. We then moved to England in 1996, where I decided to dedicate myself and focus exclusively to my family.

In 2016, with 2 kids, I realised it was about time that I followed my dreams, and started to cook for friends, attend events and street markets.

I love what I do, I choose quality over quantity and my products and services follow that same path. I’ve built a relationship with my clients based on trust and I am very proud of that. 
But, for a woman to have her own business and spend 10 to 15 hours away from home and take care of the family is a challenge, a daily challenge that only women would be able to relate.

But, it´s all worthwhile.

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Daises Kitchen Logo Lightt.png


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